In this gym, you need to purchase tickets to take a session.

For 1 session, you need 1 ticket but also this ticket can be used for a Semi-private personal training which you can train with max of 3 people.

For example, with your family or with your friends.

1 ticket for 50 minutes (7500 yen) and take a session by three people, the price will be 2500 yen per person.


Opening special : Membership fee will be free.                           

Training with Maid trainer and Butler trainer will be a same price.


50 minutes session /7,500 yen

You will get a discount for buying tickets as below.

4 tickets      28,500 yen ··· 7,125 yen per session (5% discount)

8 tickets     55,200 yen · · · 6,900 yen per session (8% discount)

16 tickets    108,000 yen · · · 6,750 yen per session (10% discount)


90 minutes session /12,600 yen

4 tickets        47,880 yen ··· 11, 970 per session (5% discount)

8 tickets        92,736 yen ··· 11,592 per session (8% discount)

16 tickets      181,440 yen ··· 11,340 per session (10% discount)


· Designation fee 500 yen (to appoint a particular trainer)

 (If you do not have any designation we will guide you with random maid trainer)

· Training shoes rental

We are concerning  (around 2000 yen / month)

· Advice of diet balanced meals by e-mail or Line (Japanese message app)

We are concerning (around 2000 yen / week)

·Official goods to sell
·Official towel             1500yen

· Protein               300yen
· Sports drinks, mineral water  100yen

 * tax included




It is our pleasure that a lot of people can enjoy training so we will recommend Semi-private training.

Even though we will not deteriorate the quality of our session, and still we are creating a safe and effective way to reach your goals.


 About cancellation

Basically, we will not request the cancellation fee if you can notify three hours before the session. However, we will request 100% of the fee if you skip your reservation without inform us. So please take care and manage your physical condition.




2-7-12 Iwamoto cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 

Building NO3  B1 floor 

Click on the map to display

(about 7 minutes on foot)

(about 7 minutes on foot)

(about 10 minutes on foot)


Please inform us about information below to this mail address.

We will text you back as fast as we can!

LINE (Japanese App)... v

Mail ...

Tel ... In preparation


·your name

·Designation of maid trainer (if you dont have any designation, just say NO)

· Schedule of your request, time zone (The date and time you want to come)

· Session of your choice (50 minutes or 90 minutes)

· Telephone number when contacting in a hurry

 · Number of people planned to use (Of course just by your self will be great too!)

· If you have any question feel free to ask here.


attention Maid trainer will work as an irregular shift, so if you would like to designate a maid trainer, please tell us as fast as you can.


 Example:    Name Maido Akito

Designate of maid trainer, NO

Date 4/20 between 17 and 21,

50 minutes course

070 - 1234 - 123

coming with two friends



Instax (Cheki) shooting (usually 500 yen)

   You can take a photo by Instax with your favorite maid trainer. At the same time, you can use as a recording for changes of your body shape.

 Smartphone shooting (usually 500 yen)

   We will take your photo of your training scene with maid trainer.

Of course you can take a normal photo with your favorite maid trainer as well.




Business hours

Weekday: 13 to 22 o'clock (closed at 22 o'clock)

Weekend and public holidays: 10 to 19 o'clock (closed at 19 o'clock)

If there is no reservation, business hours may change, so please make a reservation earlier.

 For your first visiting, we strongly suggest you to come 10 to 20 minutes earlier, so we could have an orientation in which we can talk about your goal and physical condition.

Our place a little hard to find. Please check a guide with photos on the website.

About the facilities in our gym, changing rooms are installed, but there is no shower room.

 Also, as there is no rental preparation of indoor shoes and towels, at the moment.

Please bring your comfortable outfits and shose for your workout. Please bring your identification (passport).

 We are all waiting to see you soon!!



·We started accepting reservations by line (Japanese App) or e-mail in April 1st, 2017. Once we got your text, we will text you back as fast as we can!

· The opening privilege will be in order of when your reservation, not the day you come.

·The opening privilege will be provided by once per person.

·Video shooting for your form of training is usually refrained, but it is possible to shoot by maid trainer during your session.